Established in 2011, Royale Housing Projects Trust is today a trusted property brand, developer and contractor in Zimbabwe. Royale Housing Projects Trust is a leading land developing entity with projects running in many towns of Zimbabwe. We create high quality properties and property developments at affordable rates.


We also engage in serious corporate social responsibility of empowering local talent and help the less privileged. 

Our Purpose

  • Land Buying and Selling
  • Subdivisions, Surveys and Town Planning
  • Civil and Super Structures Construction
  • Plant Hire Services
  • Building Material Selling
  • Renovations and development

OUR Management

Jestina Murahwa



Gift Mutereko

Head of Projects


Isaac Mtonyo

Head of Marketing



The Trust is managed by a Board of Trustees working in various sectors of the system ranging from Finance, Land Procurement, Project Planning and Project Development, Membership Recruitment Drive, Human Resources and Corporate Governance. All trustees are subject to retirement and reappointment by the shareholders and founder member in every five years in accordance with the requirements of The Deed of Trust, the board approves all new appointments. The Board of Trustees is the superior authority on policy and programming, and mobilizes resources for the smooth running of the organization.

We also engage in serious corporate social responsibility of empowering local talent and help the less privileged. 

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of Royale Housing Projects Trust comprises of three (3) registered Trustees both with a wide range of expertise as well as significant professional and commercial experience


Management teams have operational decision- making responsibilities and accountability. This gives them the authority which should result in operational efficiency.

Lawyers & Consultants

Our organization prides itself in its competent in-house legal division headed by a Corporate Secretary who is a qualified legal practitioner. We also consult and synergize
with a reputable Law firm in the country for all our legal requirements.



It is not only what we deliver that sets us apart from others but how we deliver it. There are many reasons why we believe we are your ideal investment choice for transforming your accommodation and other property development fantasies into tangible realities:

 We strive to surpass your expectations by providing excellent customer care. We are never too busy to return a call or e-mail. You will get personal, expert attention at all times, which means that you will always know the status of your project

Our pricing is exceptionally competitive given the level of service and expertise that we deliver. Our growing experience in the development business has given us the insight to select the right partners, consultants’ including engineers, soil scientists, financial advisors.

 We realize that time is money. More often than not, most of our valued customers are amazed at the quality of work we deliver even in difficult times and within strict deadlines. We strive to surpass your highest expectations.

 We are growing entity composed of young vibrant professionals willing to be the client’s first choice in the region.

 We pride ourselves and excel on the merit of our impeccable reputation. To date we have managed to build a solid track record with clients, partners and project investors in

 We do not just develop land on our own but we listen to your ideas and wishes, incorporating the same to mold a design that accomplishes your desired end product. You will absolutely build realities out of dreams & fantasies!